Complete Interior Restoration

Interiors are an important part of a Automotive. Pets, Children, Liquid Spills, Prolonged use without cleaning and dusting, dust environment, heat, sunlight and many other factors are responsible for Smelly, dull Interiors. As time passes the Interiors tend to loose the shine and starts streaking up.
BookAWash provides complete restoration of your Car interiors at Doorstep.
Using latest industry best equipments and techniques we restore your Interiors to Manufacture Shine.

  • Complete Dusting of Interiors and Vinyl.
  • Complete Vacuuming of Seats, Carpets and Floor Mats and Cleaning
  • AC Sanitisation
  • Leather and Fabric Seats Treatment
  • Removal of stains/Dirt/Spots from Seats and other material.
  • Ceiling Treatment
  • Floor Treatment
  • All Vinyl Polish with Dashboard Polish
  • Steam Treatment


Rs. 1500/-


Rs. 1500/-