Home & Office Deep Cleaning

Home and Offices, the two most important places our our lives. office from where we make a living and Home, Where we live. These days hectic work schedules, busy lifestyle, shortage of trained/ skilled professionals  and high cleaning cost from facility management companies makes it really difficult to maintain our offices and homes.

BookAWash, a Cleaning based startup that provides Deep Cleaning Services. With BookAWash we hire and provide best services and practice industry best cleaning practices to keep your Home and Office Shinning new like never before

We use environment friendly detergents that provides great cleaning experience with no harmful reactions on babies and pets.

  • Floor cleaning with scrubber machine and manual cleaning.
  • Glass panels Cleaning of the entire house.
  • Wooden panels Cleaning.
  • Wash rooms Cleaning (Steam and Non-Steam).
  • Kitchen Cleaning (Steam and Non-Steam).
  • Furniture cleaning.
  • General dusting and mopping.
  • Switches and Light Board Dusting.


Final Pricing upon Site Inspection

Rs. 3.00 / Sqft

Note: We wont clean the inside of Refrigerators , Microwaves and  Chimneys.